Getting Things Done with Emails
Manage emails efficiently and clear your mind

I used to have over 1,000 emails in my Inbox with about 100 coming in each day, and without knowing which ones still needed to be actioned. I’ve adopted GTD also for emails and since am down to a manageable 50 emails on average.

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How to Build an Excel Add-in
Easy Steps to Create a Basic Excel Add-in with User Defined Function

There are many examples on the web that explain the great benefits of User-Defined Functions and are telling you to store these in an Excel Add-in. But the part lacking is often the steps needed to create the add-in. This article will explain the basics on how to create an add-in with a user-defined function.

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Concatenate Multiple Cells in Excel
Presenting a user-defined function to easily concatenate multiple cells in Excel

Don’t you find it hard that for combining text from multiple cells, you have to select individual cells rather than selecting a range? One can easily create a user-defined function in Excel to add this functionality and make it easier to concatenate with a delimiter.

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The author of this blog is a chemical engineer who worked as an internet application developer during university and has worked in the chemical industry after graduation. He still enjoys programming every now and then, and specifically building programs that automate repetitive tasks both inside and outside of work.

Topics for this blog range from tools that improve productivity to tips & tricks for using Excel and programming in scripting languages.